The Girl on the Train PDF, Paula Hawkins


Some time ago I finished The Girl on the Train PDF, but was not sure how to review this book. Or rather, my disappointment was so big that I was afraid to overdo in my review. So, for the first time in one of my reviews, I have been surfing the internet looking for other reviews of this book. What sources say unskilled ? And with no specialized I mean not purchased by any publisher, bookstore or anyone with an interest in the sale of The Girl on the Train Epub.

Well, most of them say something to me. Not that I’m an excessively critical reader, but the general trend to The Girl on the Train PDF is disappointment. And, much to my regret, we are again a case of how an excellent and enviable marketing campaign gets something mediocre and it elevates to unsuspected levels.

In fact, I have to admit that it took me 7 editions to get a copy. Something was always convinced me not to buy it. Until it has come summer. And much reading as much needed for my vacation, I included The Girl on the Train PDF free from the books I brought to the beach.

Let me before continuing talking about the writer and my impressions of the book leave you a tip.One of those so obvious that often we forget:

A book is considered a bestseller not mean it’s a good book

Moreover, it not even means that it is well written (but I invite you to read the boom media has been50 shades of Grey ).

And now: Who is Paula Hawkins ? How has gotten all the literary industry support it so fervently?

Paula Hawkins, the Girl on the Train PDF

But 8:04 train to London, but the money train. Because this girl has broken sales records across the world with his first book. Wow, another unknown triumphs in the literary world and above will make film of your book? I do not know who reminds me … Ah yes! By Marciano Andy Weir .Although the latter is certainly a magnificent book (with its faults of course) and original.

Rambling and leave and go straight to the point. Who is Paula Hawkins ? His biography says rather little about it. Just he born and raised in Zimbabwe, a journalist and moved to London in 1989.

Investigating a bit more we find that this is not his first book . Paula Hawkins left journalism about 6 years ago and decided to live in the world of books. At that time he was commissioned to write a series of romantic novels, he wrote four (under the pseudonym of course) until it was decided to carry out his dream of writing the novel that she would have liked to read.

Almost bankrupt, finished The Girl on the Train PDF file and … well, there it is now, unable to cover the success and money he has achieved.

A remarkable woman who has achieved what he wanted. He has written his novel, he has succeeded in his country, that country has overflowed and has invaded the world with his work. No, he has not only got what he wanted, he has managed to fulfill the dream of any writer.

But does this book is so good?

The book: The Girl on the Train Epub

Let me emphasize that I will focus my analysis on my impressions of the book. I postpone all my thoughts and comments about the book industry, marketing and other adjacent subjects for my conclusions.

Our story begins with a woman recounting firsthand their disordered thoughts on board a train (yes, this is the girl in the train). Although his thoughts before there are two pieces of text devoted to capture our full attention …


The first thing I found curious about this book is that, in the Girl on the Train Epub Spanish edition, you can not find the full synopsis. Or front, back or flaps. Nothing. Only the first sentence of the synopsis on the book.However, like I did before I buy it, I searched and found the complete synopsis on the Internet:

Divergent download

You were on the train at 8.04? Did you see anything suspicious?

Rachel always take the train at 8.04 h. Every morning the same: the same landscape, the same houses … and the same stop at the red signal. They are only seconds, but allow you to observe a leisurely breakfast on the terrace partner. Who knows and feels about invented names for them: Jess and Jason. Her life is perfect, not like yours.

But one day see something. It happens so fast, but it’s enough. What if Jess and Jason are not as happy as they think? What if nothing is what it seems?

You do not know. It to you, yeah.


Two paragraphs are responsible for our attention to open The Girl on the Train PDF free download . Those who tell us that there is a crime. Illuminated signs are the two that make us continue reading, very well chosen and well placed. But the only truly intriguing contents of the first half of the book. For over 90 pages you have to have blind faith that something will happen.

90 pages that introduces us to his protagonist, the girl from the train. Without any kind ofnarrative tension is telling us his life back and forth, trying to intrigue about it. A character that we can not trust, unstable, with many problems (which do not help much to the plot in general) and is sometimes repetitive and boring. A leap of faith really great to just tell two relevant details of the life of this woman (who did not want to give you) and ending with the crime that we have been able to foresee almost from the tenth page.

From there, when we have the crime on the table, the novel loses the north and is dedicated to round and round on the same. If we introduce two characters, but also serve to straighten the helm of this ship adrift.

What bothered me is that, even though nothing much happens for much of the novel, there are many jumps frame and timeline. Many twists and turns to bring … rather little additional information and fill pages and pages. Many psychology of the characters (repetitive) but little plot and less stress.

The characters are quite stereotyped . The protagonist, the couple seen from the train, his ex, her roommate … they all seem taken using manual writers films afternoon session of this country.

Moreover, they are all so predictable that my reading simply to rule out finals. Almost from the first third of the book was on the table two or three options for the (not so surprising) end of The Girl on the Train . By the time I reached the half, and only limited me to confirm what he already knew.

And when the end … The pace improved if it becomes a bit more frantic. Finally something happens!But you do not stop to ask why this character do this? What this other world would behave like that?The police is so extremely stupid to not realize this and that?

Conclusion about the PDF

The Girl on the Train PDF is a novel of the genre do not contribute anything new (we have other very similar and infinitely better books). With too many expectations and claims placed above the deck.

If you do not have an abysmal media campaign behind, this book would stay on the shelves of bookstores in their first or second edition. However, it has very strong bet for her, getting a huge amount of readers around the world leave their money to buy a copy.

I do not know what you saw Paula Hawkins, but all publishers and media have backed her blindly . eye! And they’ve got an incredible success, lest we forget. But…

Is it as good as the hype? Absolutely not. Is it worth reading? Yes , if what you want is to spend time entertaining unpretentious. No , if you want to read a masterpiece.

In my humble opinion, this  girl on the train pdf does not reach the approved.